Our Story

Her Story

Mike and I often find ourselves discussing the details of how we met. The conversation usually ends with "I still don't know how this happened" or "what if this happened?"
While the full details will forever remain "Our Story", I will briefly let you all in on how it all started.
One random night, a close friend messaged me about a classmate of ours that was interested in me. I immediately told him that I was not interested in knowing who it was because of my no dating classmate rule. Fast forward to a couple weeks later, my persistent friend then tells me that Mike is the guy and how perfect we would be for each other. I had a feeling it was Mike alll along since we made awkward eye contact a couple months back. Yes, the type of eye contact that makes you wonder if the other person is on to you. Eventually, I agreed to attend a group dinner after giving my dear friend a million reasons why this was not a good idea. The dinner turns out to be….you guessed it “awkward”. The entire night I am cool and collected while Mike is being “Shy Mike” (odd right). In my mind, I thought that was the end of something that never started until I received a text from “Shy Mike”. We instantly connected as friends and I soon learned that “Shy Mike” never existed. After several study dates, we were inseparable. Well to be honest, that was the only time we had to hang out. So, now enters “Fun Mike” who decides that studying at a bar would be a good idea. It turned out to be the greatest idea. We managed to graduate Pharmacy school, finish residency and land our first adult job at Johns Hopkins. It is hard to believe we did all this together in such a short time, but you know the saying “time flies when you are having fun”.
Our love story will always be my favorite. A love story filled with countless inside jokes, conversations starting with “remember that time” and getting lost in the moment.

His Story

How did we meet? It all started at a student government meeting in pharmacy school, we made awkward eye contact from across the room and then pretended to not see each other and then naturally avoided each other, like rational people. About a month later, I mentioned the interaction with a mutual friend and he insisted we meet up. After unsuccessfully trying to stop him from having us meet we ended up at dinner with friends at our favorite Erie restaurant Chipotle, Chopstix. Here, I proceeded to drop my sushi in soy sauce and get it all over my white shirt. Not a good start for me. After the dinner, I think she was feeling sorry for me and agreed to go on a pity date for some drinks following the dinner. We talked about life and the embers of love began to burn.
I found out she was into passing pharmacy school, so I knew I could convince her to study with me. So throughout that spring we consistently met up at various places to study (I convinced her to study at the bar a couple times). Things are going good, we’re passing school and the Penguins are advancing in the Stanley cup playoffs. I introduced her to hockey and dollar import night at Plymouth Tavern where she became baffled as the Tampa Bay lightning pulled their goalie in game 7 of the Eastern conference finals. She said things like “Omg where is he going?” and “Did he just gave up on his team?”. Poor thing was in for a ride. Penguins went on to win the Stanley Cup that year, things were looking up.
As the school year ended, we began the long-distance phase of our relationship. We’d travel to meet each other on weekends and watch movies over facetime, it wasn’t easy but it was unique and we enjoyed it. And later on that first year the Penguins won the Stanley cup again. I began to put 2 and 2 together and found that ever since I met Doneisha, things were going great, she was a blessing to Pittsburgh sports and we were able to match for our residencies. Another much busier year apart ensued as she matched in Alabama and I in Pittsburgh. We kept the same pattern of activities that worked for us in the past and made it through the year. Eventually she got a job at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and as luck would have it I was able to get one too.
Once reuniting in Baltimore, everything was easy and we grew together. Eventually, a global pandemic occurred and we were lucky enough to have a house to move into and were forced as close as people can be. She began hydrating me and keeping me alive and it was then I knew it was time to propose. I was unable to physically survive without her anymore. Eventually, I hijacked Kacy’s birthday (thanks Kacy), to propose. Somehow I think she was still surprised despite the set up teams terrible efforts at lying and deceiving (Kenny, Kacy, Reshay, and I). We began the wedding planning process and here we are today!

Our Story

To be continued.......
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