Wedding Party


Maid of Honor

Dee and I have been sharing all of our lives from sharing secrets and lunch time snacks to dreams and goals but sharing this journey with her on the road to Mrs is truly monumental and I’m elated to stand by her as her MOH.


Best Man

I'm Frank, Mike's older brother. I don't really recall meeting him; he's just always been there. Growing up, I think I took after Dad and picked up Software Engineering, while Mike took after Mom's medical inclinations and studied Pharmacy.
Now, we might have moved to opposite coasts of the country, but we've still stayed very close to one another.



Doneisha and I met almost ten years ago during our undergraduate studies. We were lucky to cross paths through mutual friends and build a strong bond. Little did I know, our impromptu trips and college parties during our UNF days would not be our last. It has truly been a pleasure watching Doneisha navigate through life and transition to the beautiful and intelligent woman she is today. Our sisterhood has proven regardless of our different paths in life, we will always support one another every step of the way through birthday trips, career moves, and deep losses. I am thrilled you found your better half and I am beyond excited to share this special moment with you both!



Mike and I have been getting into shenanigans together since middle school math class.
I met Doneisha for the first time on 2016's New Year's Eve which is the same night Mike made me Instagram famous.
When memorable moments come to mind, the top of the list is 2018 Bar Golf in Pittsburgh before I moved out to Iowa to become the Corn Lord.
Mike was a groomsman at my wedding and was a ten on the dance floor, I'm ready to return the favor.



I have been friends with Doneisha for over 10 years now. We met working in the pharmacy together and we had a couple of classes together at UNF. Doneisha has been a true friend to me from the start. We spent most of our time together at work sharing laughs, talking about life, talking about goals, and giving the boss a hard time. (He loved it though). I met Mike a few years ago for the first time on one of their trips to Florida. I knew he was special and it was clear that he really cared about her. One of the winning moments for me was when we were down to the last couple of minutes in the Escape room and Mike figured out the clue to get us out.  There are some friendships that pass as seasons do, and there are some friendships that last a lifetime. Doneisha is one of those lifetime friends that one is lucky to have. I am so excited to witness her happiness and it is an honor to be a part of their special day.



Hey everyone! I’m Nick - friend and former roommate to Mike. I live in Rochester, NY with my wife, Jonna, and work as a Physician Assistant. Mike and I first met as freshman in college and lived together for most of those 4 years. During that time, we shared lots of adventures, life-changes, and have been there for each other since day one. I consider Mike to be like a brother to me and couldn’t be happier to stand by his side as he marries Doneisha. Congrats to you both!



Hello There! My name is Stephanie sometimes better known as Chef Steph. Doneisha and I met about, hmmm some 18-19 years ago in high school. Hot diggity dog, I can’t even believe it’s been that long but then again this is when we still wrote notes and passed them along to each other in between classes. The good ole days. We were like as Jamaicans would say “batty and bench” and went almost everywhere together and she quickly became part of the family. I can’t count how many adventures we went on and of course how much trouble we, I mean, I got in lol. And although I learned not to catch a bus with her (lol there’s a backstory), Neish has always been an amazing friend, a wonderful sounding board and one that I have always been able to count on throughout the years. It is my pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful union and I’m looking forward to seeing her and Mike ride off into the sunset together!



I met Mike through mutual friends as kids. In high school, we started spending more time together and Mike became one of my best friends. We bonded over Penguins hockey and similar tastes in music. I've always appreciated Mike's grounded nature and his ability to stay lighthearted even in tough situations. The first time he introduced me to Doneisha, I knew they were a great match as I saw his comfort with being his goofy self around her. Since then, I've grown to be great friends with Doneisha as well and couldn't be happier to be a part of their wedding day.



Doneisha and I met in 7th grade in Brooklyn, NY and I moved to MD a year later. We’re both members of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. My most memorable moment is our 2010 meetup in NY; a cartoon sketch of us, drinks at BBQs and giggling train rides. I’m happy Doneisha and Mike moved to MD for work, it made us much closer these past 3 years.



Hi everyone! My name is Tayler. Mike and I met in 3rd grade, and he has been
one of my best friends ever since. I
have countless memories with Mike - from sneaking around the Seneca Valley High
School stairwells 'rail riding', to
traveling across the country playing ice hockey, to long nights listening to music in
the Singel family hot tub. I first met
Doneisha when visiting Mike at LECOM, and could immediately tell how great
a match she was for his fun-loving personality.
I am honored to help celebrate Mike and Doneisha's wedding, and I look
forward to meeting all the friends and family that helped shape their story!



I knew Doneisha was phenomenal from the moment I met her. I happened to sit-in on her interview at Hopkins, and was instantly drawn to her energy, charisma and confidence. I knew she had to join our team, and thankfully she did! Our friendship has been seamless from day 1. Maybe due to all the things we share from our profession, to our Caribbean heritage, similar tastes, we’re both ENFJs (the best personality type) and the icing on the cake... Mike and I share a birthday! As if that wasn’t enough, we’re now neighbors and even share a wall! I’ve been blessed with the best neighbor, confidante and friend and look forward to many more happy years of sharing meals, moments and memories. Congrats Doneisha and Mike!



I met both Mike and Doneisha in Pharmacy school. I think I was in the same Anatomy Lab group with Mike or adjacent groups but we sat around each other in Anatomy Lab which was a hard class but his personality was bueno! Sarcasm on point, loved to drink and party which was my specialty so we clicked. He is/was very smart so I found myself hanging around him and his friends more to soak up whatever I could whether it be American culture or just pharmacy knowledge. I remember realizing Doneisha was a good friend of mine when she come to my apartment in pharmacy school and together with my roommate we had a long conversation about life which I never really had in 22 years with friends or family. I saw a friend who cared about my well being as a person and wanted me to face the fears I was drowning with alcohol because everyone knew me to be so joyful but Dee could see through all the mess. She always says “you can’t bs a bs-er”
When Mike and Dee started dating, I was really happy that Dee found someone who could reciprocate all the love and energy she put out there and she was a very serious person so I was hoping Mike would really step up to the plate....boy did he. I’ve watched a boy become a man and I’ve watched a woman receive all she has put out there in the world. I could write a book about the two of them based off the the last 7 years of knowing them but the most important thing in life is to be there for your friends and I can say without a doubt in my mind Mike and Doneisha have been a huge moral support system for me and I hope I have been a good support system for them as well over the years and I plan on being an even better support system for this wonderful union of theirs. I love you two my Friends and May God Bless your wonderful Union for ever and Ever!! Amen!



Hey y’all, my name is Reshay a.k.a. Gimmi_shayd, aka the turnt up narcoleptic one 😏. Always down for the vibes, as long as I catch a five. I’ve known Doneisha since the 3rd grade. Her, myself and MOH Kacy all went to elementary school together and have not missed a beat since then. I’m more than honored to be apart of this wedding for Doneisha and Mike (who has now become a brother to my own household). First time I met him was for Doneisha’s 30th, and since then I appreciated how he has managed to protect the keys to her heart. SingletoSingel about to be a movie....I love how we’ve grown and blossomed together and this is only the beginning.



My name is Benjamin Hart and I will be the tall guy in all of the photos. Mike and I met in the second grade and my love for him has only grown from there. Our love truly blossomed when I moved into Mike’s neighborhood, Franklin Ridge or “The Ridge,” in 5th grade. Throughout our high school years we spent many a night soaking in his hot tub, yelling at the Pens, and writing covers to some of our favorite tunes. The “Trying to Find a Balance” music video takes the cake for highest production value, most ingenious lyrics, and best school project. I have since moved to the far west but distance only makes the heart grow fonder.

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I’ve been a long time cousin of Mike’s. We go way back, to the days of causing mayhem with his brother at the grandparents house. Even though we all live in different places, it still feels like those days wherever we manage to get together. I am honored to be a groomsman at Mike and Doneisha’s wedding, and I am looking forward to getting revenge for being iced by mail.


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